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Fall Colors in Bon Echo

During the past 30 years, the earliest peak fall colours recorded was September 19, 1982 and the latest October 8, 1996. The average peak of the Maple and Hard wood trees in Bon Echo is September 27.
The fall colour change occurs earlier than most other locations in south-central Ontario because of the Bon Echo Park’s higher elevation and shorter growing season, when compared to the surrounding area.
The western portion of the Park ( the road leading into Joe Perry Lake is spectacular) frequently experiences later color change often lasting until after Thanksgiving.
The latest changing tree species the Tamarack, which is found throughout the park peaks in late October.
The peak fall color and how long is lasts is subject to numerous environmental variables.
Things like how much rain fell that year, day light length, temperatures ( both highs and lows), frost and wind storms can all affect the times, making it very difficult to predict the peak.

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