Canoe Rentals

Our Office in The Park

We have 2 Basic Options Available.

First you can rent canoes, kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards for 2, 4, 8 or 24 hours. This is on a first come, first serve basis. Check our Office Hours and most days get to our office early if you can as it does get busy.

Second, you can make reservations for Canoes, Kayaks and Stand UP Paddle Boards Here.

Minimum is 2 Day Rental. Reservations only available for the following Day, we do not allow ‘Same Day’ Reservations.

Mazinaw Lake Canoe Rental Reservations (Click Here)

Minimum 2 Day Rental for Reservations. No ‘Same Day’ reservations for Mazinaw Lake paddlers.


Joe Perry Lake and Pearson Lake Canoe Rental Reservations (Click Here)

Renting a canoe for your family, or several canoes for your group has never been easier than in Bon Echo Park.

We carry large family style canoes to get to the Cliff Top Trail or see Bon Echo Rock. We also carry sleek tripping canoes that are just right for the Kishkebus Lake canoe route. Just let us know what kind of trip you are planning and we can provide you with the right model.

For overnight camping on Joe Perry Lake and Pearson Lake we always keep enough canoes on hand. Just be sure to come to our rental office on Mazinaw lake right in the park when you first arrive in order to fill out a rental form and pick up paddles, pfd and safety kit.

2 seat and 3 seat canoes

All of our canoes are Made In Canada, most by Paluski Boats of Lakefield. We have known the owners for many years and trust that they make a safe, easy to paddle canoe that will stand up to the rigors of Daily Rentals.

You can choose from 2 seat and 3 seat models.

Our maximum load capacity is 3 adults per canoe ( or equivalent). 2 adults and 2 smaller kids is usually alright.

Rental Rates for 2020

2 hrs – $20

4 hrs- $25

8 hrs- $30

24 hrs- $40