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Canoeing In Bon Echo Park

We offer recommendations of what attractions you can see with a canoe, and there are canoes available for Joe Perry Lake, Mazinaw Lake, Bon Echo Lake, Pearson Lake, Abes Lake, Essen Lake, Kishkebus Lake Canoe Route.

You can also paddle all the way to Mackavoy Lake from  Bon Echo, a must see paddle that will take you past the pictographs, and some great wildlife viewing opportunities. Just continue North and paddle up the river all the way.

Canoe rentals are available right in Bon Echo Park at the Lagoon area, near the main beach.

If you are interested in camping at Joe Perry Lake within the Park then contact us by email

We have a terrific selection of various sizes in 2 and 3 seat models. All of our canoes are made in Canada by Paluski, a noted local manufacturer of top notch canoes and kayaks.
They are safe, easy to paddle and family friendly. Novice and expert paddlers alike enjoy these models.
You no longer have to settle for a cheap fiberglass or inferior canoe, or even purchase your own, there is now a reasonably priced option for canoe rental right in bon echo for you to enjoy.

Our family has paddled and camped all over Ontario Parks for over 40 years and this area ranks right up there with the very best accessible wilderness there is in the province.
Find out for yourself, if you have been thinking of coming to the area, send us an email today, and ask about how we can help you turn your precious vacation time into an adventure.
We will get back to you right away.
Whether you want to see the pictographs, hike the cliff trail, see Bon Echo Rock, Mazinaw Rock or paddle for the week just let us know.
There are a lot of lakes that see very little paddle traffic at bon echo.

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