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Bon Echo Park Pictographs

bon echo park pictographs nanabushOne of the must see items for every visitor to Bon Echo Park has to be the pictographs. Located about 3 feet off the water surface of Mazinaw Lake right on the cliff they are easily visible.

The best way to see them is from a canoe or kayak as it allows you to get up close and take your time investigating this most precious piece of the park.

One of the largest and most easily accessible pictograph sites in Ontario it represents a part of the history of Canada that dates back thousands of years. It is simply staggering to think that human hands actually painted the figures on the rock so many years ago and that they have endured so long.

The main reason for this longevity is the material used for the paint. Found locally near Bon Echo Park, the pigment used is hematite, a form of iron ore. It is easily ground up into a powder and mixed with water or other liquid it is easily applied to rock. Being a mineral and exposed to sun it has neatly and securely baked onto the rock face of the Cliff.

It truly is open to speculation and conjecture why the site was chosen by ancient people as a place to record pictographs, and we will not venture any guesses here. Suffice it to say that anyone who has visited Bon Echo and seen the pictographs knows the special feeling that is attached to this place. There is peace here, a place to contemplate, to reflect. Look up while you paddle by the Cliffs, towering rock hundreds of feet above.

We ask only that you respect this place, this living piece of our Canadian heritage.

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