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Reservations Online for Canoe, Kayaks and SUP Rentals Bon Echo Park

Back over 40 years my dad used to ask us kids where we wanted to go camping that summer, and invariably we would all yell in unision, ‘Bon Echo !
Perhaps you have experienced a similar custom with your family as well, given a choice of any park in Ontario we would always want to go to Bon Echo Provincial Park.
For good reason too… it has just about everything that a kid could want in a summer vacation spot, and just about everything for mom and dad too.
Great beaches, clean water, the magnificent view of the Rock, great paddling options, hiking, and wilderness in abundance. Just the setting for a summer adventure for everyone.

No wonder this is such a popular place, one of the most popular of Ontario Parks.
When we got the chance to choose where we were going to live that little voice came back to me whispering, ‘Bon Echo’, and that voice grew louder until I had to listen.
After our young family visited the area a few times, they all just fell in love with it too.
Our next challenge was to figure out what we were going to do when we moved here, whether to keep our present careers, or explore other options.
Throughout those early years in the Bon Echo area we always explored new lakes, fishing and camping.
I was usually the designated guide and navigator because of my love for maps.
Being the fishing guide for family and friends was also my responsibility as well, a challenge I have always enjoyed.But, it was not until the last trip that my Dad took to the area that we finally figured out what we were going to do.
As Dad paddled his old canoe, the one I had learned to paddle in, our youngest son Andre was in the middle fishing, actually outfishing the both of us.
It was then that I started to look at my son a bit differently. He never enjoyed school, always preferring to be outdoors, whether camping, fishing or exploring.
After he finished high school we asked him what he wanted to do with his life, and every other sentence included the words ‘canoe’ and ‘bon echo’.
So we had a lot of discussions, did a lot of research and finally came up with the outfitting business for this area.
It truly is a perfect fit for Andre, Jane and myself, there is nothing we enjoy more than helping paddlers and campers have a great time when they visit Bon Echo Park.

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